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March 20, 2019

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August 23-25, 2019

Local attractions
Getting around Guangzhou

Public transit
At present, Guangzhou City has opened 7 metro lines and a line of Zhujiang New City business district APM line and intercity subway lines of Guangzhou and Foshan. And there are buses, trams, tourist line, water bus and other bus lines. Suggest subway or bus travel in the city, convenient and relatively cheap.

Recommended for a one-day trip

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral
After breakfast in the morning, you can visit the most magnificent and distinctive Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral in the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou.
Then go to the Shameen with rich historical charm, exoticism and scenery.
Chen s Lineage Hall
In the afternoon, you can go to appreciate the architecture of old Guangzhou in Chen's Lineage Hall, where you can better understand history.
Canton Tower
In the evening, you can go to Guangzhou's landmark, Canton Tower, and if you want to see the panoramic view of the Canton Tower, the best place is the Flower City Square opposite the Canton Tower. In the evening, you can see the night scenes of various high-rise buildings, the park itself has beautiful lighting.
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